Practical Domain-Driven Design; using domains to drive technology

Domain-Driven Design (DDD) is an engineering paradigm that is geared towards delving deep into what your company’s goals are, to better understand your domains and then build software that maps directly to them. Click Travel has been using this technique for the last few years to evolve its platform, and through experience and shifting technology, we have made subtle changes to the original teachings we received from Vaughn Vernon, author of ‘Implementing Domain-driven Design’ to revolutionise our practices. This event aims to demonstrate some of these modern developments and hopefully outline why this way of writing software has led to a higher quality of technology. The audience will be presented with the following topics :

  • Valuable ideas from the DDD teachings that we have made use of
  • How DDD helped us with architectural choices at the start of a big greenfield project
  • The challenges we overcame in the first generation of the software
  • How changing technology such as AWS Lambda and Node.js affected our practices
  • The benefits that we have seen through the usage of DDD

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James Butherway
Senior Software Engineer
Click Travel

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