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Ed Tech

The West Midlands is committed to improving and developing the traditional classroom model and we continue to look at ways of creating a more engaging, inclusive and individualised learning experience. Our Ed Tech fund has been used to find sustainable and alternative ways of introducing technology into learning and assessment.

Demonstrator Sites

Walsall College

Working in collaboration with their tech partners Fujitsu, Microsoft and Cisco to enable new curriculum delivery models across all areas of curriculum for teaching, learning and assessing individuals. The site has a target of supporting a minimum of 1,100 individuals including students, school leavers and jobseekers by providing them with access to real world scenarios however they predict to engage with over 10,000 over a 5-year period.

Sandwell College

They have built on their existing work of the Fab Lab to extend its reach and develop a selection of introductory training packages which cover a range of topics including VR, VC, AR, IOT & AI. They are now hosting their ‘Tech Tuesday’ event each month to give some additional insight on how to incorporate tech into education.

South & City College Birmingham

South & City College Birmingham will be hosting an ESOL Demonstrator site. The site will support both residents of the WMCA area and can be used to train other local colleges/providers to rapidly improve their own remote digital ESOL provision.

Innovation Fund


The Operation Innovation project is aimed at FE colleges and their participants aged 16+. It is an employer-led entrepreneurial challenge providing opportunity for FE students to engage with real-life scenarios, combining technical education with commercial business skills. The project culminates in a final “Dragon’s Den” final with prizes for the winning team.

Microsoft/Tablet Academy

The project will enable F.E. teaching staff across the West Midlands to deliver a ‘Basic Introduction to Artificial Intelligence’ module to all students regardless of their core subject. It will upskill teaching staff to deliver effective remote, or blended, learning and provide them with the tools and knowledge required to deliver an A.I. module related to their core subject. Students will participate in a West Midlands F.E. College A.I. competition facilitated by their newly upskilled teachers and supported by Tablet Academy educators and their partner, Microsoft.

Hacking Lab

TechTalent Academy

The Hacking Lab is open to school and college students aged between 16-19, it is designed to help young coders develop cyber security skills and work towards a career in the tech industry. In partnership with West Midlands Regional Cyber Crime Unit, the Hacking Lab also provides interventions for young people who could otherwise be drawn into cyber-crime.

The Hacking Lab is free for schools, colleges and community organisations in the WMCA area and will help diverse groups develop an interest in technology while offering a space where teenagers from all backgrounds can thrive.

Assessment Methodology

Sandwell College

This project pilots the use of technology such as smart glasses and drones as a method of assessment initially in the Construction and Automotive sectors. Their work will tie in well with the Fab Lab they are currently developing. 

City of Wolverhampton College

The project aims to ensure that students have an outstanding learning experience with successful assessment methodology using Virtual Reality (VR) that will be inclusive and reflective of the industry the student wants to work in.