Resume Foundation

Bootcamp 1

Cyber security:

Cyber security a skillset which is increasingly in demand, this course is an excellent entry point to a career which is increasingly in demand and is well remunerated.

Course content: Threats and Attack Techniques/ Phishing, Passwords and Sessions/ SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting and Privilege escalation/ Viruses and worms/ Identification, Prevention and Mitigation/  Firewalls and Malware Detection/ Cryptography/ User accounts and Separation of concerns/ Legal and Ethical issues/ Applicable UK and international law/ The law applied to hackers and the hacked. 

Bootcamp 2

Data Science:

Data is being generated exponentially and organisations see an increasing need for competitive creative advantages. This course features material and techniques for practical career application.

Course content: Data Management, data types and structures/ Scoping and acquiring data/ Legal and ethical practices/ Data cleaning, storage, statistics and visualisation/ Averages, Distributions, Accuracy, Recall and Precision/ Machine Learning, clustering and distance measuring/  Supervised learning and neural networks/ Data Science in the workplace/ Basic Python techniques/ Introduction to algorithms.

Bootcamp 3

Defining Digital Marketing:

Digital media and communications, particularly social media, have transformed marketing and advertising, creating exciting potential career options for creative and talented marketers regardless of sector. Our course focuses on the development of practical digital marketing skills.

Course content: Defining key digital channels/ Macro marketing/ Micro marketing/ Influencing Online Consumer Behaviours/ Challenges of Digital marketing for Business development/ E-commerce applications/ SEO algorithms.

Bootcamp 4

UX Fundamentals & Design Research:

Bridging the gap between technology, productivity, innovation and human creativity. This course considers problems and develops strategies to ensure that products and services are seamlessly accessible for clients.

Course content: UI Concept development/ High-Fidelity Prototyping to Post-Launch Analysis/ UX development toolkit/ Guidance and regulations covering user interfaces/  Introduction to coding with industry standard software.

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