School of Code

Bootcamp 1:

Full Stack Software Development Bootcamp:

Our flagship intensive bootcamp trains people from zero to programmer in 16 weeks. 

We train people across the full end-to-end software development pipeline, including User Experience and Interface design, Agile Methodologies, building software with JavaScript and React JS, creating API services with NodeJS and SQL databases, to deploying projects with cloud services and a DevOps mindset, to testing software with Jest, Cypress, and many more.

We teach people how to be creative, collaborative, critical thinkers to work in any team. Our mindset curriculum is vital in helping them solve problems and become high performance members of tech teams.

Bootcamp 2:

UI/UX Design Bootcamp:

Inspired by the popular and in-demand UI/UX module from the Full Stack Coding Bootcamp, our new UI/UX Design Bootcamp focuses on the human side of technology. This bootcamp teaches people how to design software with the human user at the centre so that society can benefit from tech that is needed, intuitive, and improves our lives. Taking people through agile project management, user research, planning and wireframing, user stories, front-end development and design. We will also train people in being creative, collaborative, critical thinkers and how to work effectively in a team with diverse backgrounds and ideas.

Bootcamp 3:

Data Engineering & AI Bootcamp:

The future of technology is AI, this bootcamp explores AI and machine learning, what problems can be solved using AI and how to engineer data and architect systems which can benefit from the power of AI. Using python, and libraries such as numpy, pandas, tensorflow, and more, we will visit the core aspects of building machine learning systems and working with data. Alongside this, we will teach our core agile project management methodologies, working collaboratively in diverse teams, thinking creatively and critically to solve tomorrow’s problems.

Bootcamp 4:

Part Time Coding Bootcamp:

To enable more people into technology, we have developed a 24 week flexible bootcamp so that people can leap into tech alongside their other commitments. This bootcamp is focused on the front end of web development, including user facing tech stacks such as Javascript, React, Tailwind CSS, Redux and the cloud, APIs, test driven development and other web services. 

Bootcampers learn to work in a diverse distributed team and how to manage a project with people on diverse working schedules. Utilising project management, working asynchronously and using communication tools to deliver their projects, an important skill in the post-pandemic world.

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