Twin Training International

Bootcamp 1


2 Pathways; Front End Development & ‘Devops’ including Microsoft Introduction to Programming CompTIA Network.

Bootcamp 2


3 Pathways; including Cloud Computing, Devops, Cyber Security Analyst; Cyber Security Level 3 in line with CISSP and A+ Security, CompTIA Security, CompTIA Cyber Security Analysist (CySA+).

Bootcamp 3


3 Pathways; inc. Data Analysis using Python, Microsoft Introduction to Programming, CompTIA Network, Level 2 certificate in data analysis, Certificate In data protection & data security.

Bootcamp 4

Digital Marketing:

1 Pathway; Certificate in digital promotion for business, Digital Marketing & analytical.

Bootcamp 5

IT Technician:

CompTIA ITF+ (IT Fundamentals) & CompTIA A+

Bootcamps will also support those that have the desire, motivation, and passion to succeed from a range of sector backgrounds, retail, hospitality delivering content where they gain knowledge, skills, and certifications to access more digital based roles.


Additional information:

We propose to produce a set number of Case Studies during the programme to be agreed with WMCA before contract commencement. We will also agree with WMCA in wat format these will be produced and where they will be published.

Twin Training would welcome working collaboratively with WMCA and before contract commencement confirm joint roles in developing and delivering programme-specific open days and recruitment events.

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